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Chiavi acoustic bass guitar 

This acoustic 5-string bass is a brand new development from my workshop. It can be played acoustically or through an optional pickup system. With its 815mm (32") scale and its moderate body size, it is a pleasure to hold and play.Bass players who usually use electric bass guitars, as well as guitarists who want to take up bass duties in bands and ensembles have enjoyed the ease with which they were able to switch over from their usual instruments. 


Musicians were stunned by this instrument's volume and sustain. The soundhole has been placed on the upper body bout, instead of its traditional position on the top. This increases the vibrating portion of the top by a third, which leads to a richer sound and more volume, even without amplification. Without an opening in the top, we can also get away with a lighter bracing system, further improving the transfer of string vibration to the top. The bridge is not glued down. This way, the pull of the strings can travel all the way to the back of the body. In other words: The top only has to withstand pressure, not pull. In the case of a glued-on bridge, pressure and pull often cancel each other out, which partly dampens vibration. Needless to say that this has negative impact on tone and sustain. The bridge is crafted from ebony. It can be moved in small increments to adjust length compensation and tuning, responding to various strings and their different tensions. To ensure left hand access up to the 21st fret, this bass has a cutaway. However, it is not built in the traditional way either: A strong bass tone demands the highest possible amount of air inside the body. This strengthens frequencies known as the "Helmholtz resonance". Instead of sacrificing valuable air space, I build this special cutaway, which only goes to the middle of the bass's sides, as opposed to fully "cutting away" substance from the body. As the photos show, this design also looks stunning and doesn't interfere with the optical symmetry of the body. The bass features a special service opening on its lower side. This makes future access easy for adjustments to bracing, or for installing a pickup system.



Top: alpine spruce 
Sides and back: rosewood  
Bridge, headstock and cutaway: ebony 
Fretboard (arched): ebony Tail 
piece: carbon fiber 
Neck: mahogany 
Finish: synthetic varnish 

Scale: 815mm (32") 
Neck width at nut: 51mm (2") 
Neck width at shoulder: 63mm (2.48") 
Neck thickness (at the 1st fret): 20mm (0.79") 
Neck thickness (at the 17th fret): 29mm (1.15") 
String spacing: F#-D 41mm (1.6") at the nut, 61mm (2.4")at the bridge 
Truss rod Tuners: Schaller Bass Custom 
Body/neck transition at the 15th fret 
Frets: 21 Bolt-on neck 
Price includes custom built carbon case. This luxury carrying case is incredibly sturdy, light and even waterproof. 

Optional additions

Boton pickup system 
Back and sides Brazilian rosewood, highly figured maple (flame or birdseye) 
Custom neck dimensions possible
Fretless version