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The 12-string DODEKA Guitar

This guitar is essentially built like the 13-string model.

The most notable innovation is the tuning of the strings. Thus, the DODEKA offers a unique layout:
 G / A / H / C / D /E / A / d / g / h / e'/a’

Further details ...
In addition to the downward extension of the tonal range by the five additional bass strings, I have also extended the upper range by an additional treble string.

This string is one fourth higher than the first (e') and is tuned to a'.

In addition to the main sound-hole on the top, I have added another on the side of the upper bout, so as to improve the audibility for the musician.

G / A / H / C / D / E / A / d / g / h / e'/a’ 


Sound holes: Positioned to the left of the fingerboard and in the side of the upper bout
Scale: 650 mm
Ceiling: Alpine spruce
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Finish: Shellac, hand polished
Optional Scales: 630 mm, 655 mm, 660 mm
Audio system: optional
Back and sides: Rio Rosewood (CITES certified); Maple, Flamed Maple, Birds-eye Maple,
Neck width and neck thickness as desired
Guitar for left-handers