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During the second half of the 19th century, Torres and a few of his contemporaries created a new basis for guitar construction, establishing the standard which is still applied today. My extensive experience in guitar building, applying these standards, has led me to develop my own interpretation of the instrument over the years.

My guitars, in their standard configuration

My guitars, in their standard configuration, feature a split top made of Swiss spruce (from the alps).

Their bodies are built from grade AA Indian rosewood. The fingerboard is made from selected Indian ebony. The bridge, consisting of Brazilian rosewood, is decorated with elements of bone carvings, buffalo horn – and partly mammoth tusks! In order to optimize the transfer of string vibration onto the nut, the D and G strings feature a "rider", also made from buffalo horn. The sound hole decoration (the rose) consists of massive maple wood with contrasting black verneer. The lucidly designed bindings are intended to give my instruments a contemporary and elegant look. The guitar back is specially arched and the sides enable a comfortable and ergonomical position for the player. My head stock design enables a clean string direction between nut and tuning pegs. A very thin layer of fine shellac protects the structure of the top without hampering its action. I use the well-known Italian-made Alessi tuning machine heads for their outstanding reliability. Finnally, my guitars are shipped in custom made cases from German manufacturer Meinel.

Custom Features Available

Custom features include the use of Brazilian rosewood,
quilted maple or birdseye maple for the body. These woods have become quite rare, but I still stock small quantities, which I use for custom orders. Prices are available upon request. For an additional price, I will use the legendary British Roger tuning machines. My instruments are available with a cutaway upon request.

Features at No Extra Charge

Scales between 630 and 660mm...


can be used on these instruments. Customer specifications for width, thickness or shape of the neck can be arranged with pre-ordered guitars. If you have any questions, I will happily address them – please contact me with my contact form. You may also schedule a visit to my workshop or meet me at one of the exhibitions.